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All the bad is oh so good..V.I.C.E. #2

on June 29, 2011

I’m getting pretty excited for this coming second annual V.I.C.E. #2..Vegan Ice Cream Event! (See last year’s V.I.C.E. here) Last year, for whatever reason, I got it into my head that local vegans needed an ice cream party. I invited all the local vegans I knew and asked them to invite their vegan friends. I also kept the event open to the “vegan-curious” so guests could feel free to bring their non-vegan partners, friends, etc. Using Facebook, I had about twelve people express interest. I made some vegan ice cream and bought a bunch at the store as well as some toppings and invited others to bring whatever they wanted.

Fast forward to the actual event:
Number of guests: ~35
Location: my backyard
Quarts/Pints of ice cream (homemade and store bought): 23
Number of toppings: too many to count but man there was enough vegan aerosol whipped cream for some fun shannigans!
Most servings had by one vegan: 4 sundaes spread out over one afternoon
Number of tummy aches: I don’t want to know..

Vegans were teary-eyed (ok, so I exaggerate a little..let’s just say their blood sugars lurched in anticipation) by the selection. We collectively sampled hemp-milk, soy-based and coconut milk ice creams and even a raw ice cream. People lingered so long that I had to “ahem” finally close the event down six hours later. So, of course, I had to make V.I.C.E. an annual event!

I didn’t know what to expect last year so I definitely over bought in regards to ice cream. My poor freezer was jam-packed with So Delicious pints and quarts for weeks. This year I’m being more systematic and asking people to rsvp AND give me a rough idea of what they want to bring.

I also won’t buy ice cream this year but instead will make some. I’ve been trying out some ideas in advance..just to see how they’d pan out. Last week, T requested a chili chocolate ice cream from the Vegan Scoop cookbook. I made the recipe and T inserted one crushed dundicut hot pepper from Penzey’s Spices. If you aren’t familiar with dundicuts, they have a Scoville rating of 60,000 (Scoville is a measurement of the “heat” of a chili pepper). Just one little pepper with intense fire power. OH man it burned! T loved it..I will probably leave this one in the fridge for him to finish up because otherwise, my guests will be rolling around on the lawn on fire as I was. However, the flavor was pretty impressive especially after I added a little of Penzey’s Vietnamese cinnamon. Do you share my love of cinnamon? If so, please check out Penzey’s cinnamon selection..omg..sooooo good! Someday I will do a post devoted to my love of cinnamon..

Anyway, today something fun arrived just in time for V.I.C.E.: Zak Designs reusable insulated ice cream containers! I cannot wait to try them out. Up until now, I have stored my homemade ice creams in whatever reusable containers I had on hand. They were fine. They worked. But the presentation wasn’t exactly what I was going for. I’m one of those people who is just all about the packaging! I can’t help it. Blame it on my advertising design degree. Blame it on my love of making things pretty. Whatever, the reason, when I saw these containers at an event in NYC two weeks ago, I just had to have them.

These Zak! Designs containers are really cool..literally! They are insulated and include freezer packs in the lids so your ice cream stays as cool as possible while not in the fridge. Plus, and seriously this is what gets me most, they make your homemade ice creams look so pro! Love it. They come in various fun colors but I decided on just white because..oh my vanity exposed..I don’t want the container color to detract from the beautiful colors of my homemade ice creams! Hehehe..insert my frozen, swollen ego here 😉

Stayed tuned for a massive brain freeze, possible tummy ache and definitely a blood sugar blowout when I report back on V.I.C.E. #2.


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