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Well-heeled Boston vegans!

on August 18, 2010

This past year has been remarkable for vegans in Boston. I can’t believe how better things keep getting! Last year saw the opening in October of the amazing Peace O’Pie co-owned by my talented buddies Eric and Miguel. A vegan pizzeria? Oh yeah!

Red Lentil (vegetarian with vegan options) opened sometime around the same time.

Pulse Cafe then opened in February just a five minute walk from my apartment. Vegan home cooking..and now brunch!

True Cafe is slated to open soon just a ten minute walk from my apartment. The Clover Food truck is opening another truck in Harvard Square soon (vegetarian food truck). And finally, oh I can barely contain myself, we will have a vegan shoe store!!!

Sudo Shoes is scheduled to open soon..come visit soon everyone!!

Sudo Shoes--vegan shoes!
Sudo Shoes–vegan shoes!

2 responses to “Well-heeled Boston vegans!

  1. Nicole Marie says:

    Nice! we’ll have to stop in the next time I am in town. the All Vegan store here in San Diego has an entire wall of vegan shoes.

  2. I’m jealous of all your vegan options! I wish we had a vegan pizza place here.

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