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Put a fork in it: Trident Cafe in Boston

on August 8, 2010

Hey! I’m still alive. It’s been hot although a beautiful summer in Boston. Life is a little topsy turvey right now so I haven’t been up to blogging but I have some quick updates on local places where I’ve eaten recently so I can finally add to my “Boston” tab here on Gemüsings (I guess it gets some use by visiting vegans..yay!).

A recent dinner at Trident Cafe on Newbury Street in Boston. A restaurant within a bookstore. You can actually take a book from the bookstore side and read it while you eat. Yay! This place has been a favorite of mine for literally years. Trident is not vegan or vegetarian but they make a mean vegan cashew chili and coco-banana soy “milkshake” favorites!  Also rumored is a vegan veggie burger but I hesitate to recommend it until I can confirm that the roll is indeed vegan. Take a gander at this yumminess! Note the book..thought it was a reduced-price version of “Eat, Pray, Love” but it was actually a parody of the book, titled “Eat, Play, F*&^”..whoops. I browsed it during my meal and it’s pretty funny but still looking to get my hands on a copy of “Eat, Pray, Love.” Anybody love it? Hate it? Can’t wait to check it out

Vegan Cashew Chili!

Vegan Cashew Chili!

chili closeup

chili closeup

The entire meal...coco-banana soy "milkshake" + cashew chili

The entire meal...coco-banana soy "milkshake" + cashew chili

And guess what? You can make your own vegan cashew chili! Here’s Chef Eric from Trident to show you how:


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