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NYC Part Two: One Lucky Duck Cafe and the Strand

on May 13, 2010

Part two of my recent trip to NYC included a treat..a stop at Pure Food and Wine’s One Lucky Duck Take-away Cafe! As usual it was very crowded. Pure Food and Wine is a raw restaurant with really incredible food. I still dream of the squash blossoms stuffed with cashew “cheeze” and the raw mint sundae from my trip last August! The one down side about Pure Food and Wine is the price. I kid you not..a meal for three rather hungry women, could easily top $200. Eek! I certainly did not have the budget for that kind of extravagance this trip. One Lucky Duck was a great compromise. Prices are lower for almost the same food although seating is very limited and there is no table service (who needs it!).

I had my eye on the “S&M Salad” which isn’t what you might think..ha! It stands for “Sarma & Matthew” the former co-owners of Pure Food & Fine, now owned just by Sarma. Sorry for the crapo pictures..I didn’t have my good camera on me unfortunately!

Outside One Lucky Duck @ Night

Outside One Lucky Duck @ Night

There were a lot of people who stopped in for take-out. Since seating is so limited there, people double up at tables. I sat with a woman who is a personal trainer at a local gym. She told me that she orders the raw mint sundae several times a week. Such is New York, you know. Living it big! @$17 for a raw mint sundae, my budget would allow for 1-2 times a year for such an expensive dessert not to mention the calories. I’m not a calorie watcher typically but I have noticed that raw food is very dense and can be full of fat, though a much healthier fat than other foods.

Cold case @ One Lucky Duck

Cold case @ One Lucky Duck

The S&M Salad

The S&M Salad--greens, avocado, hemp seeds, dulse, rosemary raw crackers, and argon lemon dressing. Delicious but so filling.

The salad was delicious and it stayed with me for the rest of the day and I wasn’t hungry until late morning the next day. Now that’s a salad!

Inside One Lucky Duck

Inside One Lucky Duck--lots of raw snacks for sale...

Raw desserts!

Raw desserts! Raw vegan s'mores

More raw desserts!!

More raw desserts!! Raspberry lintzer cookies...

So much to drool over at One Lucky Duck but I decided to take my leave to head to the Strand Bookstore. Have you been to the Strand? Next to vegan restaurants, I swear bookstores are my next second thing to check out while traveling! Over 18 miles of books at the Strand..a lovely way to spend the evening.

The Strand Bookstore

The Strand Bookstore

Stay tuned for part three of my nyc trip!


One response to “NYC Part Two: One Lucky Duck Cafe and the Strand

  1. Mihl says:

    200 dollars? Wow, I could never afford that (and probably wouldn’t even if I could). How awesome you found a great alternative. All those raw desserts make me drool.

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