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Sometimes You Just Have To Fight Back At Monday…

on January 25, 2010

I am fighting a serious case of the monday grumbles. But I think I’m winning!

I didn’t sleep well last night..woke up when it was still very dark. The goos were interested to see why mom was up so early and I soon had three adorable little fuzzies perch on my shoulder for the longest time this morning. They seemed to sense my Monday-titis. So they deployed a corrective action and did their snuggly-cuddly with each other while sitting on me. Once the little chirpy meep-meep-beep-beep noises started (Goo-speak for “I’m love you!”) I melted..

Further counter defensive action: I was thrilled (somehow that seems to tame of a word) to find out that I won a little contest from the Strawberry Hedgehog, vegan soapmaker extraordinaire. Thanks Tracy! If you become a fan of the Hedgehog on Facebook, you can enter future contents. Tracy is super generous and is always trying to spread the vegan love..soap-wise of course.

I read Ahimsa’s post about PETA’s latest antics which she aptly titled “Screw You PETA” and got to do a good rant session about it with no one in particular (H was asleep).  (Grumbles and shakes my fist at PETA but loves that Ahimsa is giving them hell!). I had heard about the latest PETA video campaign but was hoping that PETA wouldn’t actually go through with producing it. Exploiting animals AND women is not cool. PETA will never have one cent from me as long as they continue with this trajectory. I honestly can’t even begin to think how an ad campaign like this could even sell veganism to the masses. What do you all think? Do you think PETA is making an impact with this kind of advertising? This actually banishes the grumblies even more as I love getting fired up about PETA (he he he!).

Anyhoo, Ricki rocked my morning with her stevia post. I’ve had stevia before–just didn’t know that much about it!

What also rocked my morning? Reliving my weekend (sad, I know!). First up, the infamous all-vegan sandwich at Crema Cafe in Harvard Square. Sweet potato, apple, hummus..on toasted wheat bread. Served with a side of crunchy sweet potato chips.It could possibly be the best vegan sandwich in Boston..although the one I had at City Feed & Supply could be a tie!

Crema Cafe Vegan Sandwich

Crema Cafe Vegan Sandwich

I’m getting into Earl Grey steamers in a big way lately…

Crema Cafe Earl Grey Tea Steamer w/Soy

Crema Cafe Earl Grey Tea Steamer w/Soy

Lisa and I were too lazy to go to yoga on Sunday morning so we headed out to Iggy’s Bread. Although the bread is available in just about every market in the area (and New York I’ve heard too), the location of the bakery is..well, a little sketchy! It’s very close to my Whole Foods (which isn’t that far from my apartment) but it’s in an industrial wasteland, not off of any major road. You need to know it’s there to find it which is a little strange for Cambridge where most things are well known by many.

Iggy's Bread

Iggy's Bread

I was looking for one thing and one thing only in the mountains of baked goodness…

Iggy's Bread inside

Iggy's Bread inside

Cranberry pecan bread!!! From Iggy’s web site with my modifications:

“We came up with the idea for this bread as a way of honoring new england and its incredible dried autumn fruit. Like raisins, we find that cranberries make a great, slightly tart partnership with pecans. We enjoy the complex flavors of a cranberry pecan roll with goat cheese Dr. Cow cheese, and the simple decadence of this bread toasted with butter Earth Balance.” This stuff is amazing!! I got the cutest mini-loaf of it plus two rolls in the same flavor. It’s sort of like biting into a fruit roll but not so sweet.

Iggy's Cranberry Pecan Bread

Iggy's Cranberry Pecan Bread

I did two crafty food exercises over the weekend. I wouldn’t go so far as to call them epic failures but tweaking is surely needed. I tried my hand at making marmalade this weekend. I added a ton of ginger. However, the marmalade doesn’t seem to have a strong orange or ginger taste. I’m hoping this will develop over the next few days otherwise it will be much blander than I would have thought. Anybody got an experience with marmalade and can tell me what I might have done wrong? At least the jars look pretty!

Orange Ginger Marmalade

Orange Ginger Marmalade

I also whipped out the chocolate tray and tried to make some truffles. I call these Troublesome Truffles..they taste great (hazelnut cream truffle center) but I wanted a decorative top with tiny slices of candied orange peel. Unfortunately the peel didn’t turn out looking as pretty as I had hoped on top of the truffles. Troublesome Truffles 2.0 will be in the works soon as I attempt to find another way to get the effect that I want.

Troublesome Truffles..

Troublesome Truffles..ugly on the outside but with a great personality!

And finally a little sleeping bag for my snacks appeared this weekend, all the way from Montreal! Which isn’t actually that far from Boston. The lovely Céline hand creates these adorable little eco-bags. My snacks couldn’t be happier (okay, it’s really me, not the snacks but if you were a snack, once you got over the whole “I’m going to be eaten thing” don’t you think you’d like to be in this bag?!).

Sleeping bag for my snacks!

Sleeping bag for my snacks!

Okay..whew. I think we kicked those Monday grumblies straight to the curb!


5 responses to “Sometimes You Just Have To Fight Back At Monday…

  1. mihl says:

    I wish the bakeries over here sold such a gorgeous bread! Your truffles look delicious and not at all troublesome.

  2. Jes says:

    Who cares what the truffles look like as long as they’re truffles (and therefore delicious)! And I’m on a mission to create a sweet potato, apple, and hummus sandwich now–it sounds divine!

  3. I’m sorry you had the grumbles, but I’m glad you have the goos to help you feel better with their cuddles and their chirp chirp meep meep therapy!

    PETA ruins it for the normal vegans and vegetarians. Most people associate vegans with PETA freaks, which is very unfortunate because most of us are pretty sensible! PETA always objectifies women in their ads, their organization must be run by a bunch of stereotypical young boys. Not the sensible ones, the ones that smash beer cans on their forheads and make silly armpit noises.

    Giving up yoga for bread sounds like something I would do! Especially if the bread comes with a yummy foamy coffee! Aerolatte lovers of the world unite! 😀

  4. Jenn says:

    Geez, where have I been, I didn’t even know you made a new site. Love it! I LOVE the truffles and the ginger marmelade and the oragami box and the necklace is beautiful!!! Best PIF ever.
    I miss iggys. Always worth the trip to the sketchy industrial park. Thanks again and I’ll post my PIF goodies this week. Cheers!

  5. Very gorgeous look. How many varieties in truffles. Very amazing

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