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Dinner @ The Ginger Pad and staying warm, vegan-style

on December 28, 2009

Note: this is my first post on WordPress..I hope to transition most of my old Blogger content over here soon and of course, add much more to what you currently see here. Thanks for stopping by!

Today H and I took a little drive to the burbs for some post holiday gift card usage and coupon shanigans. H managed to score two pairs of boots for $60 with his coupon trickery (I can only hope I’ll be as good as he is some day). I got a J. Crew long sleeve t-shirt that I’ve been loving for a while with the gift card that my mom gave me. We also went to Sears where I managed to find the only non-XXL black Cuddldud insulated top in stock (why are smaller sizes so hard to find at Sears?). Yippee!! We also got to drive past a brand new windmill installed near the highway. These windmills are all over Europe but not so common here in the US so I was super excited (I’m a dork..I know) when I saw it! I think they are so peaceful and I love watching them.

Windmill in Medford

Windmill in Medford

With my new mall purchases to my wardrobe plus a pair of spankin’ new Sorel winter boots and a new Steve Madden non-down puffy coat, I’m all set for winter!! These are my new boots:

Sorel Tivoli boots

Sorel Tivoli boots

I love my new Sorel boots and my experience ordering them from Everest Outfitters was great! However, my experience with Sorel itself not so much. Earlier this month at a Boston Vegan Association meeting, we were discussing where to find warm winter boots. Sorel was mentioned but no one was sure if they offer animal free I decided to email the company directly and ask them. I emailed several times via their contact form and received absolutely NO response back which is extremely disappointing. I did my due diligence as much as possible and am 99.9% certain that the Tivoli style is vegan. And super warm. And super cute! For once, I won’t be hating my winter boots..yay!

My coat I found on the Girlie Girl Army web site which has a great listing of places to find vegan winter coats for women. Bring on the cold Old Man Winter, bring it on! What the heck am I saying..I take it BACK…no, no, no..50 degree weather such as the weather today is just FINE Mr. Winter Sir. **Gulp**

My new coat on someone else's body..ha..this is a shot from the web site I ordered it from.

My new coat on someone else's body..ha..this is a shot from the web site I ordered it from.

Coming back to our mall shopping, we scored some excellent deals on things that are for the most part, practical winter-ish type gear. Since I am starting a new experiment in how I shop, I thought I’d get my winter gear shopping done now before January 1st when my experiment officially begins.

After all this discountery, couponery, and cheapin’, we were starved! The mall doesn’t have the best vegan options so we let our hungry tummies sit while we wandered down the street to a small outdoor plaza and found ourselves, with our noses pressed against the window, looking into this:

The Ginger Pad

The Ginger Pad

Inside the Ginger Pad

Inside the Ginger Pad

Ginger Teriyaki Tofu

Ginger Teriyaki Tofu

H demonstrating what "Krampus" looks like

H demonstrating what "Krampus" looks like..did you that Santa has a demonic sidekick? Yeah, me either..but supposedly Krampus is all chains and whips for punishing kids who were naughty or not nice. H looks like a non-scary version of Krampus..

I was so excited to find that they have a vegetarian menu too! Happy happy joy joy! So a happy ending with a full belly and lots of shopping bags after our adventures into the ‘burbs!

Check out Chocolate-Covered Katie’s vegan bar giveaway! Katie tells me that these bars are amazing..but she’s also quite the vegan snack bar maker herself..check out her “Baby Making”’s not what you think!! Katie and I share a love of vegan bars and a very similar sense of humor!


5 responses to “Dinner @ The Ginger Pad and staying warm, vegan-style

  1. Love the new bloggie, girl! 🙂

  2. Felicity says:

    Glad to have you back in blogville. Can’t wait for a goo update 🙂

  3. mihl says:

    Great new blog! I love the ü in gemüsings. Makes me giggle every time. Yay for the Umlaut.

  4. fortheloveofguava says:

    What a fun day! Except for your run in with Krampus… yikes… i better be good… 🙂

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